Welcome to our 6th Grade Project Based Learning (PBL) class blog!  We have 5 different classes of PBL with a total of about 130 students. We will be doing a daily blog to keep you posted on the occurrences within the classroom and keep you updated on any upcoming assignments.  Students will be also blogging, so feel free to comment.  It might not be posted right away because I will be monitoring the posts to keep our students safe.

PBL is a fun, challenging and exciting class.  In this class, students will be conducting projects and performing activities to enhance learning.  With each project, the students will integrate a new technology tool. This will require you to be a active learner and participant.  There will be opportunities to work with a partner and to work independently.  The class will be utilizing to use Google Drive, which includes Google Docs, Forms, Sheets and Presentations and also Google Classroom.  The 4 C’s, which are collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication, are going to be a main focus throughout the year. Presentation skills will be utilized and developed with each passing project.  I hope you enjoy the class and learn a lot along the way!