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We are ready to start blogging!  In order to introduce the students to commenting on blogs, the students created their first blog on paper, which is their first post!  We then rotated to the paper blogs and made highway comments, not dead end comments.  The students are ready to meet other students throughout the world.


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  1. Hi, Ms. Ives! I teach 6th grade in Chula Vista, CA (south of San Diego). Love the PBL model, and wish I had more time to implement it our class more often. I see that you uses GAFE – our school does too. Would you mind if I included you and your students on our class blogroll? My students would appreciate some feedback, too. If you are interested, I perhaps we could swap I ideas using GAFE, PBLS or even doing some collaborative work between our classes – virtually!

    • Hello! That would be awesome! I would like to include you in our blogroll as well. I would be very interested in working collaboratively with our classes. That would be awesome.

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