20% Projects and Information

This page is dedicated to the projects that the students spend 20% of their time each week in PBL and ELA.  These projects are the choices of the students and is purely their work.  We are so proud of them!

If you need information for a project or you need to sign up, please click on the links below.


Rubik’s Cube Club – Carlo


4H Camp Signup – Celia and Rowan


Ockerman Cheer Signup – Olivia and Gabby

Ockerman Cheer Waiver – Olivia and Gabby


Volleyball and Basketball Information – Brooke and Sophia

Volleyball and Basketball Waiver – Brooke and Sophia

Volleyball and Basketball Signup – Brooke and Sophia


Dodge Ball Tournament Elementary -Haran and Miles

Dodge Ball Tournament Flyer Elementary – Haran and Miles


Elite Basketball Camp  Parent Information- Brock, Caden and Cole

Elite Basketball Camp Flyer – Brock, Caden and Cole


Football Camp – Prat, Luke and Mason

Football Camp Flier – Prat, Luke and Mason


Movie Night Flier- 6th grade – Brooklynn and Kristin

Movie Night Sign Up – 6th grade – Brooklynn and Kristin


MJG Dog Show Fliers – Madison, Jesse and Gaurvi


Shoot-a-thon – Jack and Bryson


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